When you have finished plugin setup, you can configure the WEA (WordPress Easy Allopass) plugin in your blog’s Admin/Settings page. This screen can usually be found within the Admin pages (maybe toward the bottom) by clicking Settings -> WP Easy Allopass.

Now you can begin to add product item in your posts and pages.

Here are 5 steps to begin to monetize your website content with WEA plugin:

1. Create your Allopass Merchant Account: (Already have an account? skip this step)

Just sign up with allopass. It’s free and you can use allopass payment solution immediately:

  • Click the “New here? Sign up now” button.
  • Choose “Register as partner“.
  • Fill in the form and click “Register now” button.

2. Add your own site in your allopass “sites list”:

Once logged in your allopass account, just follow the guidelines in the section My products:

  • Click the “Add a new site” button.
  • Enter your site information.
  • Click “Add site“.

3. Add your product you want to sell with your site:

In the section My products:

  • Click “Add a new product” button.
  • Choose one of your existing site and click “Next” button.
  • Select a payment method for your product and click “Next”.
  • Enter informations about your product:
Product name: This is how it will appear in your reports.
Purchase URL: Just enter http://www.Your-Site.com. Allopass will detect automaticly the real purchase URL
Product access URL: You must enter http://www.Your-Site.com. After purchase, the WEA plugin will automatically redirect the user to the page that he was visiting before.
Notification URL: (Optional) you can leave it blank
Error URL: Just enter http://www.Your-Site.com.
  • Click “Next” button.
  • Select prices for your product. You can use “Preselected price points” or customize price by clicking “Expand all” link.
  • Don’t forget to specify “Number of codes required per purchase”, “How long will the code remain valid?”. You can also specify “Test code” that allows you to test your shortcode.
  • Click “Next” then click “Confirm” button.

Now, you have finished to add your product to your allopass account. You can get the “id Product” in the table column “#auth”. For example 123456/789012/345678.

Product Id Allopass

4. Register “id Product” in WordPress:

In your wordpress’s Admin/Settings page:

  • Click “Settings” -> “WP Easy Allopass”.
  • Fill in the form named “Add product“.
  • Enter the “product Id” created in step 4 above. For example 123456/789012/345678.
  • Enter the product description. This entry can be a text that explain to user how to buy your product.
  • Click “Add the product” button.

Now, you can see in your product list table the product item you have just entered.

5. Insert shortcode in post or page:

In your product list (“Settings” -> “WP Easy Allopass” – see the product list table), use the column “shortcode” to identify your item id: [allopass id="X"] … [/allopass] where X=item Id.

Add the following shortcodes to integrate Allopass button by editing your pages/posts of wordpress:


Your free content

[allopass id="X"]
… Your paid content …

Another free content


When you preview your posts, you will see:


Your free content

This is a live demo for Wordpress Easy Allopass Plugin. To unlock the paid content, click on the allopass button and enter the code WPEDEMO

Another free content


Notes: You can insert several items in the same post/page.