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What’s Allopass?

Allopass has been Europe’s leader for micro-payment since 2001. Allopass becomes HiPay Mobile.

Allopass offers a wide array of payment solutions for your web-site: phone payment, surcharged SMS, Internet + (ISP direct debit), Neosurf (prepaid card available in Neosurf point of sales in France, Spain, Andorra, Belgium,Switzerland, Algeria, Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Morocco and Senegal), electronic wallet.

You just need to implement our payment scripts on your site and your customers will be able to purchase easily and safely. You earn money every time a purchase is completed.


Will my customers use these payment methods?

Allopass is extremely popular: over 2 millions unique web-users purchase Allopass codes every month. No doubt your customers will use these payment methods.


Who uses Allopass?

Over half a million sites are using Allopass and generate 7 millions transactions worldwide every month.

Here are a few sites using Allopass.


Where can I get Allopass Product Id?

Once logged in your allopass account, Enter in the section My products. Select one of your site. If you have already added a product for this site, you will see “product Id” in the column #auth.


How do I become an Allopass merchant?

Just sign up with allopass. It’s free and you can use allopass payment solution immediately.


How do I implement the Allopass payment with Wp Easy Allopass plugin?

Click here to view all instructions.

Cliquez-ici pour voir les instructions en version fran├žaise.