You can download here the latest version of WordPress Easy Allopass Plugin (WEA)

145.29 ko
  • WordPress 2.6 or higher.
  • PHP version 4 or higher.
Date: 12/10/2015
Language: English/Français
Download WordPress Easy Allopass

You can also download the WEA (Pro version)

What Makes It 'Pro'?
WEA Plugin Pro includes great new features over the free version. You will receive 100% of your profits. It also includes great customer support and FREE upgrades through all version releases. (just 5 allopass codes 10€ ~ 5€)
You can also purchase WEA Pro version with Paypal (just 10€ 4.99€)
*After purchase on paypal, click on the “Return to Merchant” Button to receive immediately your download. Don’t close your browser. For assistance, contact-us.
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Here are the feature differences between the Free and Pro version of the Wp Easy Allopass Plugin:

Feature Pro Version Free Version
Add, edit or delete product Yes Yes
Realtime sales statistics Yes Yes
Customizable allopass payment button Yes Yes
Two avalaible languages (English/French) Yes Yes
Integration based in simple shortcode Yes Yes
All the licenses are lifetime, no recurring fees* Yes No
Integrated allopass code checking Yes No
Setup unlimited products Yes Yes
Free upgrade and customer support Yes No


* This WEA plugin is free for use. But we retain just 10% of commission per sale in free version.