This demonstration was made by free version of the WordPress Easy Allopass Plugin.

Below are some demo products showing how the “allopass payment” button works. When you edit this page in your wordpress admin panel. You just need insert shortcode like:


Your free content

[allopass id="X"]
… Your paid content …

Another free content


*X is the Item Id of your product added in admin panel.

1. Sell Digital Products Demo:

This demo show how sell digital goods with the WordPress Easy Allopass Plugin. This is just a DEMO. You can download here the real Pro Version of WEA Plugin.

1.0.6 (Pro Version)
73.29 ko
  • WordPress 2.6 or higher.
  • PHP version 4 or higher. (Not yet tested in version 6.x but may work)
Date: 30/09/2011
Language: English/Français
To download WEA Plugin Pro Version, click on the right allopass button =>>
(Enter the free code "WPEDEMO" for this Demo)

2. Sell access to information, embedded photo or video:

You can easily lock access to some information, embedded photo/video by adding the above shortcode before and after your paid content.

Below is a demo of paid embedded photo:

To view the last mysterious photo of Steve Jobs, click on the allopass button.
(Enter the free code "WPEDEMO" for this Demo)