What is the Wp Easy Allopass Plugin?

Allopass becomes HiPay Mobile

The Wp Easy Allopass Plugin (WEA) is a free plugin that allows you to integrate allopass payment solution on your wordpress site.  With WEA plugin, you can easily embed unlimited products in your posts and pages. It allows your visitor to buy directly digital contents from your site.

With WEA plugin, you can lock some content (Documentation, Download link, Embedded Music/Video, …) in your posts and pages by adding a simple shortcode. In the admin panel, you can easily setup unlimited shortcode of product. The admin panel allows you to see your sales statistics.

What methods of payment can your customers use?

When you integrate WEA plugin in your wordpress site, customers can use credit card, phone call or SMS to buy your digital goods.Allopass

Allopass is a great supplement to PayPal and Google Checkout for digital content, games & downloads under $10. It’s also a global payment system with extensive geographic coverage.

Allopass offers 6 different payment solutions:

  • Audiotel: surcharged phone call.
  • SMS +: surcharged SMS.
  • Internet+: Internet Service Provider direct debit (France only).
  • Neosurf: prepaid card available in all Neosurf points of sale (in the following countries).
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Electronic wallet : HiPay, Dineromail…

WEA plugin features:

  • Integration based in simple shortcode [allopass id="X"] Your paid content [/allopass] where “X” is your “product id” added in admin panel.
  • Realtime sales statistics: no cronjob or batch needed.
  • Posibility to add, edit or delete product.
  • Customizable text displayed to the left of your allopass payment button (you can use HTML).
  • Two avalaible languages: English/French
  • No programming/scripting experience needed; setup done via standard WP plugin installation steps.

Quick Start Instructions:

You can download the free Wp Easy Allopass here, install it into your wordpress site, and be up and running in less than 5 minutes! Just follow these easy steps below:

1. Verify these minimum requirements:

  • WordPress 2.6 or higher.
  • PHP version 4 or higher. (Not yet tested in version 6.x but may work)
  • WEA plugin is intended for use on the public internet and may not work on intranets or private networks.

2. Download the WEA plugin and install it into your blog, using either of the 2 standard WordPress installation methods below :

Right From Within Your Blog (easier)
In your blog’s Dashboard/Admin pages, find the ‘Install Plugins‘ page (often within Plugins -> Add New).
In the ‘Search’ box, enter “WEA Allopass” then click the Search Plugins button.
Our plugin WEA will appear in the search results. Click the Install Now link/button, then confirm.


Manual Download -> Upload
Download the WEA plugin .zip file.
In your blog’s Dashboard/Admin pages, find the ‘Install Plugins‘ page (often within Plugins -> Add New).
Click the Upload link, then browse your computer for the .zip file you just downloaded.
Click the Install Now button!

3. Activate the WEA plugin within your blog (on the ‘Plugins’ screen, or similar location):

An Activate Plugin link may already be visible, depending on the previous Installation step (click it!). Or, find the Activate link on your ‘Plugins’ screen.

4. Setup your product and shortcode:

Click here to view how integrate allopass products in your post and page.

Instructions disponibles en français : Cliquez-ici